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The digital signage market is growing globally, and it’s no surprise. These impactful little (and big) screens are transforming spaces in retail, offices, hospitality, healthcare and more – bringing benefits including productivity, conversions, and engagement. But why does digital signage work so well?

The benefits of digital signage

Digital signage turns traditional ads, noticeboards, and blank spaces into dynamic, informative, and entertaining content that boosts performance and profits. Lying behind these attractive results, lies a number of benefits of digital signage, including:


Once set up, it’s easy to add powerful content to your digital screens using a cloud-based content management system (CMS) – no waiting around for prints to arrive.


Digital and interactive screens can be used anywhere, from retail spaces and restaurants to offices and train stations – the world is your oyster.


Changing the content on your digital screens is also quick and easy – allowing you to refresh your content more often and in response to events and holidays.

Why digital signage works

With so many benefits and results, it’s hard not to be intrigued by the potential of digital signage for your business. But, as with any business purchase, you want more information on why digital signage works before you commit to purchase. Well, here you go:

1. They capture attention

We live in a world when attention is short and sought after. Customers and employees are browsing Facebook, thinking about what they’re going to watch on Netflix tonight, and rushing to get their next caffeine hit. A visual display that is dynamic and moving captures this attention and focuses it onto your message – whether that’s details of your sale, an employee update, or important health and safety information.

2. They intrigue

Digital screens are easy to update, meaning that your content can be forever changing. While the same old traditional signage goes unnoticed after the first glance, digital signage intrigues views as to what’s coming next – both in the moment and when they next pass. This is especially useful in employee spaces, where vital information needs to be communicated regularly.

3. They engage

Printed posters can be breathtaking good, but they only engage your audience for a second or two. Interactive displays and videos engage for a significantly longer period and can result in further engagement through social media, reward schemes, or employee performance. Restless children are kept entertained, queues seem a little shorter, and employees are positively reinforced through live Twitter feeds – all keeping your intended audience around for longer.

4. They’re a call to action

The all-important call to action, no doubt already in place across your website, is brought inside with digital signage. Whether you want staff to sign up to the next social event, customers to make a purchase from your sale, or students to vote for their next school president, digital screens impart the information and psychology required to compel actions.

5. They set the scene

Experience is everything. In a world where your audience can shop from the comfort their sofa, work from the convenience of their kitchen table, and order groceries from the warmth of their bed – getting them out of their homes and into your space requires work. Digital signage helps by creating an experience that evokes emotions, piques interest, and create excitement – luring your audience in and back for more.

Why does digital signage work?

The power of digital knows no bounds – just look around you. Digital signage gives you the tools to capitalize on this technology – bringing people’s screens to life, and staying one-step ahead of your competitors.