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How digital signage can be used in retail

Digital signage has finally come of age. It has taken a while, but the hardware, software, and technology are now aligned to enable digital signage to work wonders for retail. By using technology to replace traditional print and other media in a visually dynamic form, digital displays are proving very successful at enticing customers off the street and into retail outlets.

Online shopping and e-commerce have had a huge impact on the way we shop and, by extension, in the retail industry. And it’s not just small shops that are feeling the pinch, e-commerce is taking on the big hitters in the industry as well.  With more and more people shopping from the comfort of their own homes, every retailer out there (and online) is fighting for a piece of the action, and traditional retail outlets need to up their game to bring feet through the door. This has created a huge opening in the market for digital signage.

What can digital signage do for you?

Digital signage welcomes shoppers as soon as they step through the door, or even before they enter your store. Digital signs help set customer’s expectations and give them a glimpse of what they might find inside. Well executed, visually interesting and enticing exterior LED signage can attract passersby, turning window shoppers into in-store foot traffic.

Digital signage enhances the shopping experience and sets the instore mood. Appropriately displayed content can make shopping more interesting and interactive, and it can mimic the online browsing experience that so many shoppers have become accustomed to. It enables retailers to shape and adapt their offerings continuously. There are no delays in listing features, changing content, or updating promotional material and advertising. Digital window displays can effectively promote sales and specials by incorporating moving images and graphics. This is far more eye-catching than traditional print signage.

All retail outlets, regardless of the industry they operate in, can benefit from effective and well thought out digital signage.

Automobile Parts Stores

In businesses, like automobile parts stores, that rely on component information, sales staff can easily make the shopping experience more efficient for customers by quickly bringing up schematics and parts information. And with interactive digital screens, customers no longer have to wait in line for sales staff to assist them. Using touchscreen technology, they can quickly and easily browse products, search for information on their own, view videos that demonstrate how to perform simple repairs, and make in-store purchases onscreen. This leads to increased sales and an enhanced customer experience.

Sports Equipment Stores

It is becoming increasingly difficult for sports equipment stores to compete with e-commerce retailers. Digital signage is playing a big role in creating a more enticing and interactive in-store experience for sports enthusiasts. Digital signage can add that Wow Factor to a store by showing exciting videos featuring extreme sports and digital displays can easily be adapted to match the season and focus on sports and stars that are currently trending.

Vehicle Sales

New and pre-owned vehicle dealerships can increase sales and customer satisfaction through the use of digital signage. It can be installed on the sales floor and in lounges to provide an interactive buying experience. Since many dealerships advertise on the internet, the same information can be repurposed for the showroom. Digital displays can also assist salespeople by allowing them to show customers vehicles that are not on the showroom floor as well as color options, features and accessories. Digital touchscreens can allow potential customers to customize their vehicles by choosing the features and accessories they would like to add.

Fashion Retail Stores

Fashion retailers are also feeling the heat from online shopping but digital signage can help attract shoppers back into stores. Window displays that are bright and easily visible can display the latest trends and lifestyle fashions. In the change rooms, digital screens can be programmed as smart mirrors and have interactive features that enhance the shopping experience.

Furniture and Home Décor Stores

Large furniture and home décor stores can use strategically placed digital displays to advertise products, promote financing, and highlight promotional material. In megastores, they can also be used to help the customer find products through directional signage, wayfinding touch screens, and product locators.

Home appliance stores

Interactive digital signage can take the confusion out of appliance shopping. Home appliance stores always have a large, and often confusing, array of products. It can be difficult to narrow down choices and compare similar looking products, based on the short description on the box. Touchscreen digital displays enable shoppers to access detailed product information, specifications and even customer reviews instore.

Consumer Electronic Stores

In consumer electronic stores the same content is usually displayed on all screens so that customers can compare image quality between units. In many large chain stores, management has implemented a digital signage system to program the content shown on each in-store display unit. Customers can still compare image quality but display TV’s can also be used to show current promotions and consumer information.

Digital signage is an eye-catching, attention-grabbing promotional tool that can help retailers entice customers back into their stores by offering them an interactive shopping experience.

Other Solutions

The possibilities for the implementation of digital signage in corporate offices and businesses are only limited by the imagination. When combined with corporate strategy, digital signage solutions can enhance and optimize business activities and assist in building a focused and motivated workforce. Digital signage can be a powerful way to reach out and connect with employees and customers, strengthen a corporate brand, and reduce overall costs.


Ensure your school and students are not left behind by implementing smart enhancements in the classroom. With the development of digital signage, there are incredible possibilities for implementation in the field of education. Be it a classroom tool for teachers or a way to disseminate information rapidly, the opportunities that digital signage can offer the academic world are near endless.


In a sector as competitive as the food and beverage industry, only those who leverage new technologies will be able to effectively compete. Now is the time for food and beverage businesses to fully understand the ways that digital signage can help and utilize all possibilities on offer. Stay competitive in a fast-paced industry by leveraging digital technology to streamline processes and delight customers.


Governments and public offices stand to see the most value from digital signage implementation in their end-of-year balances. With the majority of the population already reliant on digital technologies in their everyday lives, a modern government should also be leveraging digital advancements. With the introduction of digital signage in government buildings, you can ease the burden on staff and improve the visitor experience.


Use digital displays strategically in your healthcare clinic to navigate, inform, promote, and keep patients safe. In the long-term, investment in digital signage can bring about great improvements in the healthcare industry. By reducing the stress and anxiety of patients and visitors, their overall experience will improve. With clever and varied implementation, digital signage will also lessen the burden on hospital and healthcare staff.


Hospitality businesses have a lot to gain when it comes to implementing digital signage. Not only does it look fantastic and modernize the overall aesthetic of a location, but it will also streamline the running of any busy business in the hospitality industry. Use digital signage to provide information on-demand, and give guests a convenient tool to get the most out of their stay.