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How digital signage can be used in hospitality

In recent years, the growing appeal of digital signage is becoming apparent across all sectors of industry. Stemming from customers’ growing comfort using various forms of digital technology, digital signage is being introduced more frequently, especially within the hospitality industry.

Without being obtrusive, digital signage in the hospitality industry provides engaging and dynamic ways to deliver messages and promote brands to a large audience.

A warm welcome with a virtual concierge

Most businesses within the vast hospitality sector know that making guests feel at home is essential to providing a positive experience. When a guest enters a hotel or a resort, a warm, safe, comfortable and inviting atmosphere can be the difference between a good or bad review.

Digital signage can be used to present guests with all the information they need upon arrival, in a more engaging and entertaining way:

  • Daily hotel events and specialties
  • Local event information
  • Local amenities
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Weather forecasts

These digital displays can be easily extended beyond the reception area or lobby. As information can be delivered to all displays (no matter the screen size) on the network simultaneously from one central computer, it is a versatile way to keep guests informed. Especially effective when placed in areas with high foot-traffic, such as at elevators, in restrooms, by exits or the taxi waiting area, digital displays allow visitors to access useful information in their own time.

Self-check-in kiosks

Although digital signage solutions should never fully replace face-to-face interactions, they can be used to supplement reception staff in many types of hospitality businesses. Whilst seen mainly at bustling airports to reduce delays and ease the burden on check-in desks, digital self-check-in kiosks are gradually being implemented in other parts of the hospitality industry. Should guests choose to, they can use digital check-in stations to forgo queuing at reception.

  • Guests can check-in at any time and select their room from a digital floor plan.
  • The digital check-in application can be connected to other hotel management systems. Once housekeeping marks a room as ready, it will immediately be available for check-in for the arriving guest.
  • It enables the ability to easily upsell services, such as paid upgrades, special offers at hotel or resort facilities, deals at the restaurant or lounge. Cross-sell with other local amenities to offer package deals to guests upon check-in.
  • Guests can scan a QR code to download information to their smartphone or tablet.

Digital room displays

Digital signage in its versatility has endless applications. One very simple but effective way to use digital signage in the hospitality industry is to add digital room signs. Small digital room displays can be placed outside hotel rooms, offering colorful and elegant ways to identify rooms. These attractive solutions are particularly effective in low lit areas.

Digital room displays are designed to be compact, tamper-proof, and low maintenance. As with all other forms of digital signage, they are connected to a central database and can provide information on room occupancy or housekeeping status. These displays are manufactured to fit with the décor of the building and are available in a variety of materials and finishes.

In-room information and entertainment

Digital displays, connected to a central management system, are ideal ways to provide modern and sophisticated in-room services to guests. Digital signage can be used to provide real-time, customized information on demand, as well as in-room entertainment like movie and music channels.

Upon settling into their room, guests can be presented with a welcome video when they turn on their television. They can customize what interests them, and receive informative content based on their selections. Hotel facilities, local amenities, discounts for local theme parks, these modern displays are easily updated so only the most current information is available to guests.

Professional hospitality

Many hotels and hospitality services also provide conference and business suites, therefore attracting professional guests. Businesses can tailor their digital signage to greet conference attendees, welcome delegates, and provide wayfinding solutions to their events.

Digital displays near the conferencing facilities can present easy-to-update schedules, timetables and event locations. Provide professional travellers on-demand information on taxi services, dining options, weather information, even stock market updates.

An essential branding tool

Firstly, digital signage looks modern, sophisticated and professional. Using digital signage to turn a business into a multimedia environment will elevate the brand. The lobby experience can be streamlined with digital check-in kiosks and interactive information stations. Using digital screens to display artwork from local artists makes for an easily updated décor element, boosting the overall aesthetic.

Digital signage is also an excellent way to promote, upsell and cross-sell services to customers:

  • Digital menu boards act as an advertisement for the hotel restaurant, helping guests to make dining decisions.
  • Easily update digital menus with the specials of the day or remove items the moment they become unavailable.
  • Promote events in the lounge or upcoming conferences at the facility.
  • Advertise special offers and package deals.
  • Promote the on-site facilities such as the hotel spa or resort gym.

All in all, hospitality businesses have a lot to gain when it comes to implementing digital signage. Not only does it look fantastic and modernize the overall aesthetic of a location, but it will also streamline the running of any busy business in the hospitality industry. Easing the burden on staff and providing vast amounts of information on-demand, digital signage offers guests a convenient and professional tool to get the most out of their stay.

Other Solutions

The possibilities for the implementation of digital signage in corporate offices and businesses are only limited by the imagination. When combined with corporate strategy, digital signage solutions can enhance and optimize business activities and assist in building a focused and motivated workforce. Digital signage can be a powerful way to reach out and connect with employees and customers, strengthen a corporate brand, and reduce overall costs.


Ensure your school and students are not left behind by implementing smart enhancements in the classroom. With the development of digital signage, there are incredible possibilities for implementation in the field of education. Be it a classroom tool for teachers or a way to disseminate information rapidly, the opportunities that digital signage can offer the academic world are near endless.


In a sector as competitive as the food and beverage industry, only those who leverage new technologies will be able to effectively compete. Now is the time for food and beverage businesses to fully understand the ways that digital signage can help and utilize all possibilities on offer. Stay competitive in a fast-paced industry by leveraging digital technology to streamline processes and delight customers.


Governments and public offices stand to see the most value from digital signage implementation in their end-of-year balances. With the majority of the population already reliant on digital technologies in their everyday lives, a modern government should also be leveraging digital advancements. With the introduction of digital signage in government buildings, you can ease the burden on staff and improve the visitor experience.


Use digital displays strategically in your healthcare clinic to navigate, inform, promote, and keep patients safe. In the long-term, investment in digital signage can bring about great improvements in the healthcare industry. By reducing the stress and anxiety of patients and visitors, their overall experience will improve. With clever and varied implementation, digital signage will also lessen the burden on hospital and healthcare staff.


Digital signage hardware, software, and technology are now aligned to enable digital signage to work wonders for retail. By using technology to replace traditional print and other media in a visually dynamic form, digital displays are proving very successful at enticing customers off the street and into retail outlets. Digital signage is an eye-catching, attention-grabbing promotional tool that can help retailers entice customers back into their stores by offering them an interactive shopping experience.