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How digital signage can be used in the healthcare industry

The healthcare industry is perhaps one of the most fast-paced sectors of any economy. With patient outcomes at stake, anything that can improve operational efficiency and the quality of care is a real asset to healthcare environments. The implementation of digital signage can provide these benefits, and more, while reducing the overall costs for hospitals, therapeutic services and other facilities. Here’s how digital signage can be of benefit to the healthcare industry:

Wayfinding Points

Hospitals, regardless of size, can be confusing places for patients and visitors. Navigation can be stressful, especially in large facilities. By utilizing digital signage capabilities, hospitals can introduce interactive displays strategically throughout the building. Digital displays with touchscreen capabilities can be connected to a main database to act as wayfinding points for the facility.

Hospitals can provide ward listings and locations, visiting hours, and step-by-step route information, all in an engaging manner. Each hospital wayfinding point can be instantaneously adjusted from one central location, making it possible to have constantly updated doctor and consultant directories. All of this will ease the burden on manned information desks and hospital reception staff and make navigating through the building easier and less frustrating.

Safety and emergency alerts

Being able to communicate up-to-the-minute information from one central hub is beneficial to many sectors of society. In a hospital, where the health and well-being of so many citizens is at stake, the ability to display messages instantaneously to everyone cannot be underestimated.

In times of emergency, digital signage can act as an alert throughout the building, raising awareness of the situation and providing instruction. Digital signage can also be used in hospitals and healthcare facilities to remind visitors and staff of cleanly practices, helping to reduce the spread of illness.

Reducing perceived wait times

In hospitals and medical facilities, patients often spend a lot of time waiting and queuing. Studies into queuing behaviours have found that enhancing the queuing experience reduces people’s perception of how long the wait actually is. Digital signage in waiting rooms can work twofold to be informative and entertaining. Introducing digital displays with a queuing system that allocates numbers, as well as adding video broadcasts or live news for distraction, can ease stress for those waiting.

Staff communication and coordination

The efficient flow of correct information is essential for doctors, nurses and hospital staff. Hospitals can introduce interactive displays with database access to provide information for staff as well as hospital visitors. Using digital signage in staff break rooms will increase engagement from all personnel.

Medical professionals can stay abreast of new practices, new treatments and medicinal information. Digital signage can also provide employees with hospital updates on workplace policies, training opportunities, hospital initiatives, event schedules, meetings and conferences. With digital signage, healthcare institutions of all sizes can ensure consistent information is distributed to everyone.

Promotion of healthcare services

Hospitals and healthcare facilities can use digital signage to promote their own services to the public. Whether it is to advertise paid procedures to boost own revenue, or to advise of the healthcare options available to patients, digital signage can assist in promoting health services.

Digital displays can promote the many treatments available in a particular healthcare facility. It can also be used to advise of department specific information, such as encouraging prostate checks in the urology department, for example. They can become an invaluable means of communication in healthcare.

Generate revenue through advertising

The financial benefit of digital signage is perhaps the most powerful way it can help the healthcare industry. Not only will digital signage improve processes and reduce operational costs, but these digital solutions can also generate revenue for hospitals and healthcare providers. By selling advertising space to third parties, prominent digital signage can become a source of great income for hospitals. The adaptability of digital signage means that ads can be scaled easily to fit any screen size. Going digital makes advertising incredibly easy.

In the long-term, investment in digital signage can bring about great improvements in the healthcare industry. By reducing the stress and anxiety of patients and visitors, their overall experience will improve. With clever and varied implementation, digital signage will also lessen the burden on hospital and healthcare staff. Digital displays in facilities can even generate revenue. All in all, these types of digital technologies are set to transform the modern healthcare industry.

Other Solutions

The possibilities for the implementation of digital signage in corporate offices and businesses are only limited by the imagination. When combined with corporate strategy, digital signage solutions can enhance and optimize business activities and assist in building a focused and motivated workforce. Digital signage can be a powerful way to reach out and connect with employees and customers, strengthen a corporate brand, and reduce overall costs.


Ensure your school and students are not left behind by implementing smart enhancements in the classroom. With the development of digital signage, there are incredible possibilities for implementation in the field of education. Be it a classroom tool for teachers or a way to disseminate information rapidly, the opportunities that digital signage can offer the academic world are near endless.


In a sector as competitive as the food and beverage industry, only those who leverage new technologies will be able to effectively compete. Now is the time for food and beverage businesses to fully understand the ways that digital signage can help and utilize all possibilities on offer. Stay competitive in a fast-paced industry by leveraging digital technology to streamline processes and delight customers.


Governments and public offices stand to see the most value from digital signage implementation in their end-of-year balances. With the majority of the population already reliant on digital technologies in their everyday lives, a modern government should also be leveraging digital advancements. With the introduction of digital signage in government buildings, you can ease the burden on staff and improve the visitor experience.


Hospitality businesses have a lot to gain when it comes to implementing digital signage. Not only does it look fantastic and modernize the overall aesthetic of a location, but it will also streamline the running of any busy business in the hospitality industry. Use digital signage to provide information on-demand, and give guests a convenient tool to get the most out of their stay.


Digital signage hardware, software, and technology are now aligned to enable digital signage to work wonders for retail. By using technology to replace traditional print and other media in a visually dynamic form, digital displays are proving very successful at enticing customers off the street and into retail outlets. Digital signage is an eye-catching, attention-grabbing promotional tool that can help retailers entice customers back into their stores by offering them an interactive shopping experience.