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How digital signage can be used in education

In busy schools, colleges and universities, both teachers and faculty constantly strive to effectively communicate with students. Email drops may no longer be swift enough to deliver regularly updated school notices. Teachers and students, alike, can always benefit from the addition of creative and dynamic classroom solutions.

With the development of digital signage, there are incredible possibilities for implementation in the field of education. Be it a classroom tool for teachers or a way to disseminate information rapidly, the opportunities that digital signage can offer the academic world are near endless. Here are just a few effective and creative ways that modern digital signage can be used in education:

Digital signage in the classroom

In this day and age, it is impossible to properly prepare students for the real world without integrating technology into classes. Active learning, a style of teaching which encourages students to become actively involved in the lesson, has proven results when improving student outcomes. This is especially true when digital signage technology is added. Digital displays in the classroom, especially those with interactive options, offer engaging methods of teaching.

The capabilities of digital displays in the classroom go far beyond just interactive whiteboards. Classrooms can install multiple tables containing flat-panel screens or display projection. These can be used for giving assignments, content sharing, personal device connection, and task completion. Teachers can instantly grade work by accessing the content from each screen or can display it for the class from their own mounted digital display.

Digital bulletin boards

Using digital signage players that control LCD screens, digital bulletin boards will soon make their static counterparts a thing of the past in schools. All digital boards can be easily managed and updated from a single remote location, offering faculty the means to provide minute-by-minute messages across the building in one go.

Promote school events, display class schedules and exam dates, welcome visitors or provide the daily canteen menu, all with attention-grabbing images and text. No longer will there be a need to waste paper on flyers and signs, keeping the school clean as well as organized.

Direct view LED signage

Digital signage has now evolved to include broadcast abilities. With the addition of direct view LED screens, student announcements or the daily message from the school principal can be given in an engaging manner via video broadcast. These wall-mounted video displays can be placed in classrooms and halls, easily and neatly, giving a face-to-face, more personal touch.

Interactive digital signage

We are all accustomed now to having a wealth of information at our fingertips. Therefore, in the fields of learning and education, it should be no different. Digital signage with touchscreen displays can be placed strategically throughout a campus to provide routes and maps, school directories, classroom locations, and visitor instructions. Interactive digital signage presents vast amounts of information, on-demand, in an engaging way.

Digital room signage

Also known as an electronic door plate, digital room signage comprises of small displays with control units, mounted outside rooms or on doors. Often seen in hotels and conference centers, these types of digital displays are excellent ways for schools and colleges to provide room information, too.

Far more than just an electronic room-name display, digital room signage can be connected to the central scheduling system and can present details on room bookings, class names and times, room occupancy status, and more. Most offerings feature theft and vandalism protection and are available with or without touchscreen capabilities.

Digital recognition wall

With a digital recognition wall in a prominent location of the campus, schools and universities can proudly display student and teacher awards, school achievements and competition wins. Sharing details of all accomplishments via a digital “wall of honor” will help to promote a sense of community within the school.

Why is digital signage so important in education?


Being able to broadcast and display up-to-date information, such as special announcements or campus news, to all students, staff, and faculty creates an effective platform for communication. It helps to increase awareness of happenings and events amongst all those on campus and can become a central hub for school information. This type of connectivity can enable everyone to feel more involved, garnering a closer school connection.

Safety and security

In the event of an emergency, having the means to communicate essential information to everyone in the building from a centralized location is important. In a school setting, with hundreds of students, teachers, staff members and faculty to keep track of, this technology becomes invaluable.

Engaging information

Whilst digital signage is becoming more prevalent in all industries, the ability to provide information in an engaging way is probably most valuable in places of learning. From nurturing a school spirit through to encouraging active learning in students, educational institutions will find the applications of digital signage priceless in the coming years.

Many schools in the Philippines are already embracing digital signage in education. This technology provides more than just a fancy digital version of a notice board. Advancements in teaching technology will eventually find its way into every classroom in the land, and these advancements will most likely be digital. Therefore, to ensure no school is left behind, now is the time to consider how all forms of digital signage can be used in your academic institution.

Other Solutions

The possibilities for the implementation of digital signage in corporate offices and businesses are only limited by the imagination. When combined with corporate strategy, digital signage solutions can enhance and optimize business activities and assist in building a focused and motivated workforce. Digital signage can be a powerful way to reach out and connect with employees and customers, strengthen a corporate brand, and reduce overall costs.


In a sector as competitive as the food and beverage industry, only those who leverage new technologies will be able to effectively compete. Now is the time for food and beverage businesses to fully understand the ways that digital signage can help and utilize all possibilities on offer. Stay competitive in a fast-paced industry by leveraging digital technology to streamline processes and delight customers.


Governments and public offices stand to see the most value from digital signage implementation in their end-of-year balances. With the majority of the population already reliant on digital technologies in their everyday lives, a modern government should also be leveraging digital advancements. With the introduction of digital signage in government buildings, you can ease the burden on staff and improve the visitor experience.


Use digital displays strategically in your healthcare clinic to navigate, inform, promote, and keep patients safe. In the long-term, investment in digital signage can bring about great improvements in the healthcare industry. By reducing the stress and anxiety of patients and visitors, their overall experience will improve. With clever and varied implementation, digital signage will also lessen the burden on hospital and healthcare staff.


Hospitality businesses have a lot to gain when it comes to implementing digital signage. Not only does it look fantastic and modernize the overall aesthetic of a location, but it will also streamline the running of any busy business in the hospitality industry. Use digital signage to provide information on-demand, and give guests a convenient tool to get the most out of their stay.


Digital signage hardware, software, and technology are now aligned to enable digital signage to work wonders for retail. By using technology to replace traditional print and other media in a visually dynamic form, digital displays are proving very successful at enticing customers off the street and into retail outlets. Digital signage is an eye-catching, attention-grabbing promotional tool that can help retailers entice customers back into their stores by offering them an interactive shopping experience.