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How digital signage can be used in corporate offices and businesses

The face of modern business is rapidly changing with the advent of new technologies. So it is little surprise that within corporate offices the shift from traditional AV equipment and paper missives to digital signage is happening just as fast, and can greatly assist in streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency.

Why is digital signage important for corporate offices and businesses?

Enhance corporate brand

Elegant and streamlined, digital signage can be used to welcome guests, clients and visitors to corporate premises. When brand and corporate image is at stake, professional-looking digital welcome signs can provide a remarkable first impression.


  • Greet guests and visitors with dynamic digital walls in corporate lobbies and reception areas.
  • Digital displays throughout the building can present your corporate logo and mission statement for the duration of their visit.
  • Help guide visitors to their destination and navigate with ease by introducing interactive wayfinding stations and digital directories.


  • Digital signage looks professional and will help to improve corporate identity.
  • Digital directories and interactive wayfinding stations help to ease the burden on reception staff.

Improve internal communications

According to a study by the McKinsey Global Institute, using social technologies to improve internal communications could increase employee productivity by as much as 25 percent. Digital signage in offices and businesses can deliver corporate information and up-to-date messages throughout the workforce instantaneously.


  • Digital screens within view of every team or department can display company news, motivational messages and corporate goals to all employees at once.
  • Dynamic presentations using graphs, images and text can be adapted to any screen size allowing for more engaging content.
  • Help staff get to know the leadership team with profiles of the board of directors and key figures within the company.


  • Improved internal communication strengthens company bonds and culture.
  • Digital signage keeps employees focused on the same goals.
  • Information can be shared from a central hub to all linked digital displays ensuring that a unified, consistent message is presented to every employee.
  • In times of a security alert or emergency, reliable information can be rapidly communicated to all staff members.

Boost employee morale

Boosting morale and improving happiness in the workplace leads to higher productivity from employees. Therefore, anything which can assist in morale-boosting should be considered by management. Once implemented, digital signage in offices and businesses can help improve moods and be used to promote general well-being and strengthen corporate relationships.


  • Get creative with digital displays and present informative content to employees. Keep the workforce healthy with tips on diet, exercise and the benefits of staying active.
  • Increase attendance at company events and gatherings by promoting them on all digital displays throughout the business.
  • With a digital wall of honor, individual, department or corporate achievements and successes can be recognized and celebrated.
  • Recognize employee birthdays and work anniversaries to enhance the bond with staff.


  • Keeping the workforce healthy avoids productivity loss and increases the overall well-being of employees.
  • Attendance at company events creates a sense of community amongst staff.
  • A happy workforce is a more productive one.

Financial benefits

Investing in new technology always requires careful consideration. With digital signage, the long-term financial benefits greatly outweigh the initial expense.


  • Companies can increase revenue by using digital displays to cross-sell and upsell.
  • A workforce in one company is a potential audience to another. It is, therefore, possible to generate revenue by selling advertising space to external parties on internal digital displays.
  • As products, services or deals are released, keep promotional information up-to-date by easily managing and updating content.


  • Digital signage solutions introduced throughout corporate offices are an easy way to modernize the building and increase its value in one go.
  • Digital signage is incredibly flexible. There will be no more time and expense spent on resizing pages or re-structuring data to fit multiple screens. With digital signage, one size fits all.

Creative ways that corporate offices and businesses can introduce digital signage

Corporate messages: A digital display in the reception of every branch or office throughout a corporation can be connected to head office. With ease, HQ can provide consistent announcements and messages to all locations at once.

Company information: Interactive digital displays can provide employees with easy access to corporate guidelines, manuals and handbooks.

Digital room displays: Use digital room signage, connected to a central scheduling system, outside conference rooms and demonstration rooms to indicate which are in use, booked or available, and to display their schedules.

Boardroom solutions: Use digital signage in boardrooms and corporate meetings. Multiple locations can simultaneously broadcast content provided by one computer screen or digital display.

Bulletin boards: Create digital community bulletin boards for employees to add to. This not only keeps the interior areas clean and streamlined but also provides an engaging way for staff to interact and communicate.

Digital menus: Use digital signage to spice up the office menu each day. Digital menus can be easily updated as certain meals become unavailable. Healthy options can be highlighted to help staff with their diet plans.

Digital clocking system: Use digital signage to offer an easy way for staff to clock in and out.

Performance dashboards: Customized data providing live targets, key performance indicators (KPIs) and live charting can be displayed to teams. Digital performance dashboards can present real-time information as it relates to different departments and regions.

Customer social media wall: Show employees in real-time what customers are saying about the company on social media by displaying their thanks and testimonials on a digital social media wall.

The possibilities for the implementation of digital signage in corporate offices and businesses are only limited by the imagination. When combined with corporate strategy, digital signage solutions can enhance and optimize business activities and assist in building a focused and motivated workforce. Digital signage can be a powerful way to reach out and connect with employees and customers, strengthen a corporate brand, and reduce overall costs.

Other Solutions

Ensure your school and students are not left behind by implementing smart enhancements in the classroom. With the development of digital signage, there are incredible possibilities for implementation in the field of education. Be it a classroom tool for teachers or a way to disseminate information rapidly, the opportunities that digital signage can offer the academic world are near endless.


In a sector as competitive as the food and beverage industry, only those who leverage new technologies will be able to effectively compete. Now is the time for food and beverage businesses to fully understand the ways that digital signage can help and utilize all possibilities on offer. Stay competitive in a fast-paced industry by leveraging digital technology to streamline processes and delight customers.


Governments and public offices stand to see the most value from digital signage implementation in their end-of-year balances. With the majority of the population already reliant on digital technologies in their everyday lives, a modern government should also be leveraging digital advancements. With the introduction of digital signage in government buildings, you can ease the burden on staff and improve the visitor experience.


Use digital displays strategically in your healthcare clinic to navigate, inform, promote, and keep patients safe. In the long-term, investment in digital signage can bring about great improvements in the healthcare industry. By reducing the stress and anxiety of patients and visitors, their overall experience will improve. With clever and varied implementation, digital signage will also lessen the burden on hospital and healthcare staff.


Hospitality businesses have a lot to gain when it comes to implementing digital signage. Not only does it look fantastic and modernize the overall aesthetic of a location, but it will also streamline the running of any busy business in the hospitality industry. Use digital signage to provide information on-demand, and give guests a convenient tool to get the most out of their stay.


Digital signage hardware, software, and technology are now aligned to enable digital signage to work wonders for retail. By using technology to replace traditional print and other media in a visually dynamic form, digital displays are proving very successful at enticing customers off the street and into retail outlets. Digital signage is an eye-catching, attention-grabbing promotional tool that can help retailers entice customers back into their stores by offering them an interactive shopping experience.