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The holidays are a busy period for most organizations, but digital signage can lighten the load and reduce costs for many of them.

Whether your organization already has digital signage installed or you’re looking to complete your implementation before the season starts, digital signage has a lot to offer during seasonal peak periods.

This is especially true for retail, food and service industry, and events, which often see huge escalations in customer volume throughout the period.

These tips will help you make the most of digital signage throughout the holidays, so your organization can keep up with demand, offer more value, and continue to keep customers happy.

Employee Training

Most organizations bring on a large number of temporary workers over the holidays. This includes restaurants, hotels, warehouses, retail stores, and many other types of organizations. These employees are minimally trained, expected to keep up with high volumes of customers, and often make mistakes. Digital signage can help to supplement training, helping employees stay informed and on track.

For example, digital signage can be used to deliver training in a timely and relevant manner. Employees can be reminded of safety procedures, technique, and processes while on the work floor. Signage can also be connected to sensors and machinery, which can share alerts and offer tutorials and training when devices and machines aren’t being used correctly.

Staff Guidance

Holiday seasons typically bring new employees, new products, new specials and promotions, and a wealth of other topics to keep track of. Digital signage functions to guide and always inform staff, so they stay aware of what’s going on, when, and where. Here, digital signage can be implemented into staff and break rooms, in staff-facing public areas, and across the work floor.

Staff Rooms

Digital signage easily shares schedules and assignations, even linking individuals to specific areas, rooms, or customers. This is especially useful in service-areas, where employees have to keep track of assets like rooms and their state, vehicles, and other equipment.

It’s also useful in food, medical, and even transit industry, where linking individuals to their assigned spaces, rooms, vehicles, or cars greatly reduces the amount of information they need to request.

Digital signage in staff rooms can also be used to alert staff to schedule changes, people calling in sick, new products and promotions, etc., so they are always aware of what’s going on.

Work Floor

Digital signage can function to guide and inform staff on the work floor. This can range from implementations in warehouses where digital signage can be linked to orders and pallets.

Here, staff can link assets such as trucks or forklifts to assets that need moving, so assets are assigned and moved out as trucks come in. DHL uses this tactic to speed up offloading and onloading, which greatly reduces bottlenecking at their facilities.

Similarly, digital signage can be used to share work orders, shift changes, daily production goals, progress for the day, and so on, to keep employees informed and motivated.


Staff-facing displays in customer areas such as help desks, point of sale, and reception areas can be immensely helpful for staff. For example, displays can link to booking tools so staff can see which rooms are empty at a glance.

Displays can share all running specials or discounts, so employees can quickly offer discounts, stay on top of running specials, and help clients more quickly. This also applies to equipment and asset provision or rental, because employees can see what’s available and when, at a glance.

In food and retail situations, these displays can also link to inventory, telling staff when items are out of or running low on stock, so they know when to stop promoting.

Ambiance and Atmosphere

Seasonal ambiance and atmosphere are important to many brands, and digital signage allows you to affordably push relevant imagery and videos across businesses. This can include campaigns as simple as using photo slideshows to create a holiday atmosphere or as complex as displaying holiday themed advertisements, videos, or even licensed movies.

Why is ambiance important? It can help customers and staff get in the mood of the holiday.

Promoting Holiday Specials

Digital displays positioned around your place of business can drive sales, upsells, and remind customers of any specials or holiday promotions. This applies in most types of organizations, because offering a holiday special is often beneficial.

Here, you can take a different approach depending on the customer, type of organization, and type of sale. In organizations geared towards building close relationships and making high-dollar sales to a few clients, digital signage can use tools like account and visitor recognition to offer truly tailored discounts or remind customers of gifts and discounts specific to their account.

Retail stores can remind customers of sales and promotions going on throughout the store, such as in shelf displays and aisle banner ads. Even universities can use digital displays to promote book sales with holiday promotions before students leave.

Are holiday sales and promotions more effective than everyday sales pushed through signage? Not really, except more customers will be actively looking for and ready to make purchases based on them.

Adding Value at Point of Sale

Digital signage can add value at the point of sale by reminding customers of products, creating upsells, and distracting customers from unusually long lines and wait times.

For example, digital signage has been shown to reduce perceived wait time by as much as 30%, effectively reducing perceived wait time to actual time. Simply providing infotainment like deals, notifications of gift items, or items the customer may have forgotten alongside weather, news, or public transit times can actively improve customer satisfaction by keeping them distracted while in line.

Those same displays can also drive sales. For example, you can remind customers of items they need, of gifts for others, and drive repeat sales and business. Point of Sale advertisements increase return customers and repeat business as well as the value of sales in the moment, especially when you’re able to promote products the customer wouldn’t normally buy such as gifts, stocking fillers, vacations, or add-ons that are holiday-dependent.

Digital signage is extremely valuable throughout the year, but if you have a network, it’s crucial to ensure you’re maximizing its usage for the holiday season. Chances are, you can save more, offer value, and drive revenue.