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It’s no secret that retail is facing it’s toughest competition yet: eCommerce. Following the significant and continued growth of online sales, it’s becoming harder and increasingly important for bricks and mortar stores to attract, engage, and convert customers. But it doesn’t need to be hard. Digital signage offers a unique, fun, and effective way to increase sales and beat your online competition – and we’re here to share the top uses for digital signage in retail.

Digital signage for retail

You’ll be no stranger to printed retail signage. It’s impactful, helpful, and necessary. Digital signage is all that and more – bringing your message to life through digital and interactive screens that bring benefits including:

  • Being eye-catching and memorable;
  • Displaying more information and taking up less space;
  • Being customizable and versatile; and
  • Only needing to be put into place once.

Top uses for digital signage in retail

Digital signage is so effective at informing, entertaining, and selling, that it should form a vital part of your marketing and brand strategy to:

1. Engage

Dynamic content and interactive displays capture and retain attention. Powerful videos and ads in your external displays can give customers (who would have otherwise walked past your store) a sneak peek inside – luring them in. Once inside, display screens can be used to tell shoppers the story behind your brand and what you stand for – engaging with them on an emotional level. Then, taking the customer relationship further, interactive screens can encourage interaction on social media and the entering of personal information to sign up to news and offers.

2. Convert

Ultimately, you want to get customers through your checkout before they decide to head elsewhere. Digital displays not only encourage customers to buy there and then, but they can also encourage them to spend more while they’re at it. Interactive displays can act as a call to action – displaying additional product information, complementing products, and product comparisons. Vibrant and moving ads about sales and offers can banish thoughts of leaving the store and provoke and loss-aversion reaction that results in a sale. And, self-serve kiosks can make the checkout process easy and quick – avoiding that last-minute deliberation that happens in the queue.

3. Create an experience

Your biggest advantage over online retail is your in-store experience, and your signage can make or break that. Printed signage becomes tired, outdated, and unnoticeable quickly. Digital signage creates a fun, memorable, and interactive experience that is different each time a customer visits – invoking different emotions and encouraging your customers to return time and time again. And, it’s not only your customers that digital screens impress. Interactive displays entertain tired children and bored partners – making the shopping trip enjoyable for them, longer for your customer, and more profitable for you.

4. Help your employees

And, let’s not forget about the benefits digital signage creates for your staff. Behind the scenes, you can keep employees up-to-date on current offers, popular products, store performance, and health and safety issues. On the shop floor, you can relieve the burden on your employees by enabling customers to self-serve using digital kiosks, find additional product information, sign up for a gift registry, or simply view the store map. The possibilities are endless.

Key takeaways

Digital signage brings the power of digital marketing into your store – reinforcing your brand, improving the customer experience, and generating more sales. Add these top uses for retail digital signage to your marketing strategy and start seeing results you thought no longer possible.