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You don’t have to step far out of the office before encountering a digital display advertising the latest fashion brand, an interactive screen taking your lunch order, or a computerized sign informing you of today’s weather. But, have you considered the potential for digital signage in the office? Top uses for digital signage in corporate officers are increasing productivity, performance, and morale – and you need to get on-board.

Digital signage in corporate offices

While the thought of signage inside a corporate office may sound unusual at first, when you consider the use of posters, notice boards, and memos around the office it becomes a lot more familiar. Digital signage offers a way to display all of this information, and more, in a way that is:

  • Dynamic – attracting attention;
  • Temporary –  allowing you to update;
  • Duplicable – extending to multiple offices; and
  • Informative – containing more information but taking up less space.

Top uses for digital signage in corporate offices

It’s so effective for corporate offices that the demand is increasing, with popular uses for digital signage including:

Reinforcing a culture

Workplace culture is one of the most important factors for attracting and retaining top employees. Digital signage powers you to reinforce and duplicate your employer brand, message, and vision throughout co-working spaces, offices and countries. It also shows employees that you’re willing to invest in the tools and technology that makes their working lives easier and happier. Whatsmore, this culture feeds into your external brand image too, influencing how employees communicate and treat your customers.

Improving performance

Gone are the days when employee, team and company performance were only shared at performance reviews, team meetings, and all-employee debriefs. Digital screens can be used to display live KPIs and dashboards – keeping everyone up-to-date and on-track at a glance. Not only does this guide performance but it can significantly boost it, by showing employees how their performance directly contributes to the company’s overall strategic direction.

Increasing efficiency

This improved knowledge also increases meeting efficiency – with the first ten minutes no longer dedicated to bringing everyone up-to-date. Meetings can start on the important matters straight away, as well as using interactive screens to aid collaboration. And, forget about time wasted searching for an empty meeting room or waiting for one to vacate – digital screens outside joint-spaces can offer meeting room bookings and live availability at the touch of a screen.

Improving communication

Employee communication is crucial for employee engagement. Digital signage can revamp your office notice board – making it more noticeable, informative, and up-to-date. Events, health and safety, completed projects, and workshops can all be displayed to educate, inform, and engage all staff. Screens in the reception area can also be used to welcome visitors and inform them of the on-site health and safety and convenience information.

Boosting morale

Finally, it’s not just work-related information that can be imparted. Digital signage can be dedicated to employee news – celebrating staff achievements, work anniversaries, and employee birthdays. Screens are also being used to keep employees updated on external achievements, such as positive social media comments, customer reviews, and good news stories. And, finally, let’s not forget the moral-boosting lunch break. Digital menus and ordering systems ensure that less time is spent in the queue and more time is spent relaxing with colleagues, ready to smash the next shift.

Final thoughts

There is significant scope for improving communication, employee engagement, and morale using digital signage. Plus, with positive work cultures boosting productivity and profits, there is a significant corporate benefit to introducing these screens. Forget scruffy posters, forgotten noticeboards, and un-read memos – digital signage is here to transform your office for the better.