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How In-Store Displays Can Automate Your Upsells

February 04, 2019

Every day, automating the sales process is becoming a more significant part of every industry's future as convenience and fast information become more important to the consumer. Automation is especially crucial to brick and mortar stores as they evolve to compete with online spaces.

How 3 Smart Cities Have Evolved with Digital Signage

January 28, 2019

A now-ubiquitous term in urban planning, the idea of the smart city has evolved. More than advanced infrastructure, it has become an intelligent ecosystem that connects people and businesses together, all while improving the overall quality of life. Here’s how digital signage has enhanced the services in smart cities around the world.

Enticing The Filipino Shopper With Digital Signage

January 21, 2019

As the retail landscape continues to evolve, technologies such as digital signage can provide uniquely physical yet highly engaging customer experiences e-commerce can find hard to replicate. The Filipino shopper today is faced with overwhelming choice, extending from the shelf to their own screens. To catch their eye, retailers today must offer more memorable, inspiring, and pleasant experiences that keep them wanting to browse in-store.

How to enhance out-of-home advertising with digital technology

January 14, 2019

Marketing is taking OOH advertising to the next level, helping to increase impressions with innovative new solutions. As the entire world shifts toward digital, DOOH provides a highly personal yet measurable means for businesses to connect with their consumers. The challenge that remains is creating the right strategy for your business.

6 creative ways to advertise your business in Manila

January 01, 2019

The secret is to advertising is selecting a few methods that are most applicable to your business model. Your product or service can easily and cost-effectively be advertised using some of these creative methods.

Don’t blind the drivers, and other tips for designing your digital ads

December 11, 2018

By following these basic tips and best practices for designing digital ads, advertisers can not only create a message which resonates more clearly but one that is less distracting and dangerous for drivers on Philippine roads.