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Choosing the best equipment for your first restaurant

June 28, 2021

Food brings people together, spreads joy and happiness, and is at the heart of your restaurant business. As you can see, opening up your first restaurant requires a lot of equipment, but when you choose right, you choose success.

Case study: How these 5 global brands used digital signage to keep their customers safe during COVID-19

June 14, 2021

Digital signage is a powerful communication tool because it grabs attention, engages viewers, and shares various information depending on the situation, physical positioning, and audience. Digital signage is an ideal tool for increasing customer safety during COVID-19 because you can share important information alongside content that engages your audience and improves their experience and customer journey.

7 Psychology tips to make a great first impression in your client meetings

May 31, 2021

First impressions are quick to make and hard to change, which is a stressful thought when preparing for a new client meeting. You want to make a great first impression that wows clients and tells them you’re the right business for the job at hand. But when impressions form in a tenth of a second, it’s more about the psychological cues you create than anything you say.

7 ways corporations can use digital signage to create safe workspaces for their employees

May 17, 2021

One highly effective and affordable way to create safe workspaces is using digital signage. Digital signage involves the use of powerful, dynamic, and interactive screens that display visuals, videos, and interactive content to engage passers-by - in this case, your employees. 

5 Benefits of digital signage in your conference rooms

May 03, 2021

Digital signage is also increasingly proving valuable in organizations to facilitate messaging, branding, and communication. This is especially true in conference rooms, where digital signage takes on roles ranging from booking to branding and equipment management, offering value to both internal organizations and event-industry organizations offering conferencing to guests.

Why Companies Like McDonald’s Are Investing More into Digital Signage

April 05, 2021

Digital signage is quickly being adopted the world over. With a nearly 8% year over year growth rate, it’s also growing quickly and not set to stop anytime soon. Digital displays add value to most industries, with new features and services, better data management, and simple user interfaces, allowing nearly anyone to interact with and update content. Each of these will drive value, especially as the digital signage market continues to grow and mature, resulting in cheaper hardware and software solutions.

How to use digital signage for a guerilla marketing campaign

March 22, 2021

Digital signage is frequently used for outdoor advertising campaigns. You only have to think of Times Square, New York to understand the popularity of digital screens for outdoor marketing and advertising. When used for guerilla marketing campaigns, digital signage can give you a competitive edge that makes your business stand out from the crowd.

7 creative ways to use digital signage at your next event

March 08, 2021

These days, the introduction of digital signage has transformed the way signage is used as exhibitions. Offering practical solutions like room navigation and event schedules and interactive features such as real-time social media feeds and event photo opportunities, digital signage can be an important tool for improving attendee experience.

The best free distance learning solutions to help your team grow

February 22, 2021

Distance learning offers an incredible opportunity for your team members to gain valuable skills and advance in their career. With a collection of free distance learning solutions under your belt, you can provide your team with the best chance of success in their online learning. To help you discover the best free distance learning solution, we’ve outlined some of our favorite tools to help your team grow.